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"We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."  -Winnie The Pooh

Welcome to Southern Charm Photography!  My name is Eva Ford.  I am Virginia/Tennessee native.  I say Virginia/Tennessee because my hometown is Bristol which is one city in two states just like Kansas City.  I have lived in Kansas City for 12 years and I have two kids whom are my world!  I did have my beloved fur-baby, my dog Memphis Raines (yes I named him after the main character in one of my favorite movies… Gone in 60 seconds).  Unexpectantly, June 2017 I had to let my bestest friend cross the “Rainbow Bridge” (but he is fully alive in my heart forever & always).  He was the best DOG ever!  

You have heard the saying, "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country of the girl".  I am a simple country girl!  I grew up in Bristol, VA which is a small city, nothing to get excited over, unless it was race time; then life got exciting there!  My most defining moments are from my grandparents and their farm in Haysi, Va.  No better childhood memories than being on their farm.  Chasing chickens, feeding the cows apples, riding the go cart and four wheeler up and down their gravel road, riding the tractors, picking strawberries with grandma, eating ice cream straight out of the carton with grandpa, sitting out on their front porch at sunset looking out at the wide open fields and the endless mountains, and my most favorite, waking up to grandma's fresh biscuits & gravy and OH SO SPECIAL pancakes.  

Personally, I believe, there is something charming about being Southern...!  Being southern to me is why I don’t know a stranger, I don’t take today for granted because tomorrow may not come, and don’t get so wrapped up in “business” that it is okay to slow down and smell the flowers and listen to the birds sing!  As in the famous words of my most favorite character Winnie the Pooh, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best something!”  For a bear of “little brain” had so much wisdom to provide!  I will quote Winnie the Pooh often because I love his philosophy and that is how I stay a kid at heart.

A session with me is about relaxing, being yourselves (yes, I totally mean this!) and having fun!  If we are having fun, then I will be capturing the "charm" of you, your family, your baby, your life.  Yes, I will do posing photos (I try to keep this to a minimum); but I love when the majority of my sessions is “lifestyle”, because it lets me capture you and your loved ones in the "organic" moment.   I want my artwork to not be something that just hangs on a wall for a year or so or get stored away in the “digital” world; I want it to hang on a wall, be in a frame, be in a scrapbook; or if you’re like me in a “slideshow” on your TV through your Apple TV, for your lifetime!  I want it to bring forth a memory or story and emotion every time it is looked upon.

Photography is not something that I just do!  I love it…Always have!  The time is hard to find right now with three kids, but I love to scrapbook! There is nothing like making a special book full of special memories to look back onto for years to come.   Life can have its ups and downs.  We lose those special to us, or hard times come to a special relationship and it is hard to see the light in such dark times; but going though “frozen” memories can be so therapeutic.  I know for me it is the “wind” that make the “clouds” go away and let the sunshine back in.  

I will be honest I understand the technical knowledge behind photography, and I push myself to study it as much as I can to continue to grow that knowledge.  However, I don’t want to come at it as being the “most technical” photographer; because I want my love for photography to be what drives my strength in my art and be the reason I am able to do what I do through my camera and my editing software.

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