Lifestyle Sessions
Unicorn Mini Sessions

Lifestyle Sessions

Our life is our story and our story is unique; because no one life is the same.  Our story has many chapters about all of our adventures and experiences,  successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, love and heart breaks, all starting at our beginning (birth) all the way until our end (death).   I love capturing our photographic sessions through the artistic style of lifestyle photography because this is where we are able to get real and fully capture your chapter of your (life) story in that moment; whether it is engagement, marriage, maternity, newborn, birthday, family, Christmas, graduate (high school, college, graduate school), and so many many more.  I have only one rule for my clients!  If you choose me to be your photographer then all I ask is that BRING 100% of YOU (or family) to the session.    We are not here to be posey we are here to CAPTURE the REALNESS of YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CHILDREN, etc!

No person or family is perfect; including myself and my family! We are a hot mess sometimes.  I have a 10 year old daughter who is going on 21 and a stubborn as a mule; hot tempered 6 year old when he doesn't get his way.  So there are no shocks out there for me on how kids are sometimes, well just plain difficult (I think mine do it to me on purpose cause they like to pull my chains... lol).  Moms if you children are not cooperating don't STRESS; you relax because I am very patient and innovative until they do!  And before our session we will talk so I can learn about your family.  To all the MEN, whether your a dad or not a dad,  I know you want to get this photography session thing done so you can get back to other things like the game or just something else and not this... lol.  But I promise you might actually find yourself enjoying the session because it is not your prototypical photography session.

Pricing...  Something I always try to keep very simple.  We book our sessions by the half hour and to reserve your day and time there is a $65 session fee due at the time of booking and is non refundable.  We charge a session fee because we are business and like every other business we have expenses that we incur whether we do photographic sessions or not, you know things like marketing and advertising, insurance, domain hosting for our website, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many more.  It is not a fee we charge just to charge.  After your session is complete your session will go through our post processing workflow where we pull those SOOC (straight out of camera) RAW files and we work our magic.  Once your artworks are complete we will then release them for viewing in your very own password protected online proofing gallery.  After proofing we will then get together and you will purchase your desired digital file package.  This is where I get paid for my time worked.  The more digital files you purchase tells me how good of a job you think I did on your session... HINT HINT!

Unicorn Mini Sessions

"Be A Unicorn In A Field of Horses!"

The Unicorn Mini Sessions are by far my favorite mini session offering because it is just so close to my heart.  I am a mother to a girl and the one thing I hope that I am able to teach her is that she should never dull her sparkle to "blend" in.  She is beautifully unique and to always be confident in who she is because she is MAGNIFICENT!  I want her to see she is a "Unicorn in a field of horses!"

These session are 15 minutes long.  Not everyday does our little girls get to have their dreams brought to life and meet a unicorn so the last thing I want to do is make it a "posy" session.  My shooting style is lifestyle.  I want your  special girl to come in relaxed and ready to love on and have fun, with the most magical unicorn in the Kansas City area, Ms. London.  I want to capture the relationship and the emotion between her and her unicorn because that is what last a lifetime.  Our "lifestyle" shooting is why each session is unique to each girl to showcase their "charm"!

When the session is over we will take those SOOC (straight out of camera) images and do our post processing magic on them.  I shoot in RAW, which is what it means, the image has no processing applied to it from the camera, and I have more creative freedom in post processing.   When your artworks have been completed I will deliver them to you for "proofing" via an online proofing gallery to determine what digital file package and print package you want to purchase.  Digital file packages for the unicorn mini sessions are:

  • 5 Artworks for $125
  • 10 Artworks for $200
  • 15 Artworks for $250

To book a session, go to our contact page and send us your inquiry.  We will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have and then we will get you booked!  At the time of booking there is a $65 Non-Refundable session fee due which will reserve your your spot.  Based on the limited availability of Miss London we try to do our unicorn mini sessions twice a year.  Once in the Spring/Summer and one in the Fall. 

Check here and our Facebook page for upcoming mini session dates & times.

Upcoming 2020 Mini Sessions: